Friday, June 20, 2008

hi everyone.though this is a dead blog, still i wonder how many ppl read this.

anw. for those who are still clueless about wats tested(mcq or everything) and such, heres the topics and the format of the block test,pls read the emb.but since you're here,read my post.. OK

umm the topic and format are as such:
2008 HCI C2 Chemistry Block Test 2

Paper Type No. of questions No. of marks Duration Remarks
3 Free response To answer any 3 out of 4 questions 60 1h 30min Paper 3 is administered first on one day
30 30 45min Paper 1 followed by Paper 2 (with 15min interval) is administered on another later day
2 Structured
4 50 1h 15min
Total 140

Atoms, Molecules, Stoichiometry Only in MCQ
Redox Chemistry & Mole-Concept calculations in Redox Chemistry
Atomic & Electronic Structure; Periodic Trends in IE & Atomic & Ionic Radii Only in MCQ
Ideal Gas
Chemical Bonding
Energetics & Thermodynamics
Reaction Kinetics
Chemical Equilibria
Acid-Base Equilibria
Solubility Equilibria
Structural & Stereoisomerism, Hybridisation of Carbon Only in MCQ
Alkanes, Alkenes, Arenes
Halogen Compounds
Hydroxy Compounds (Alcohols & Phenols)
Carbonyl Compounds
Carboxylic Acids & Derivatives
Reactions of Organic Nitrogen Compounds
Proteins Only in MCQ
Chemical Periodicity
Group II
Group VII Only in MCQ
ok the topics for MCQ ONLY ARE BOLDED AND REDDEDD. hope you all ppl who have time to read this post mug hard, mug smart, and all the best =)cheers,
chem rep Josh

ps:last few days liao,shld relax haha

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