Saturday, March 8, 2008

for the few who read this blog.and are still dumbfounded abt wat the chem blocks requires u to mug! here are the details as follow:

1. Chemical bonding
2. Chemical equilibria
3. Ionic equilibria I: Acid-base equilibria
4. Ionic equilibria II: Solubility equilibria

5. Organic chemistry introductory topics: nomenclature, structural &
steroisomerism, hybridisation of carbon
6. Alkanes
7. Alkenes
8. Arenes
9. Halogen compounds
10. Hydroxy coompounds: Alcohols & phenols
11. Carbonyl compounds
12. Carboxylic acids & derivatives -- MCQ only

Paper 1: 30 MCQs [30 marks] Duration: 45 min

Paper 2:
4 structured questions [40 marks]
2 free-response questions [20 marks each]
Duration: 2 h

* Grand total marks for this Block Test: 110 marks

* Answer all questions

* Some of the structured questions are the synoptic-type, i.e., they
require candidates to integrate knowledge and understanding from
different areas and topics.

* Both free-response questions are the synoptic-type.

yupp . and the venue is


umm for those who wan to consult msbobillier i think shees free on mondae-thurs.if u nid her no to arrange for consultation. can sms me.if i post it here. stalkers may steal it!haha.nah im jus sneaky i dn wan u all to go for consultation ((:mayb i'll send u the wrong no.! lol im randoming at 12 am

ok mug hard,cheers.
DUN FORGET UR TEST TUBES OK?for those who didnt order.

cheers,Chem rep
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