Tuesday, March 25, 2008


THANKS to you guys hahaha and sorry for um causing much DISTRESS and TRAUMA (esp to bin and sharon) today during class outing, and thanks kangyan for displaying your first aid skills. HAHA I'M MAN. :D oh and sorry for making you guys waste your $7 ): i feel quite guilty about that. HAHA joshua suggests next time we don't do this kinda thing, seeing as how I'm so accident-prone :D thankfully it seems like my tolerance to pain is quite high, cos it doesn't hurt. meh.

Anyway right, I was thinking that we should celebrate yeejiunn's lihui's and jianrui's birthdays soon! While we're all in a relatively more relaxed mood. (If you've started mugging for BT2, I...really don't know what to say.) (and sorry to those who have to mug for H3 ): ) Any suggestions? Or just a normal stay-back-in-school kind of celebration?

I'm bored. ):

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