Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Hello peeps! Here are details for STJ with 6E!

Where: Fish and Co., Glasshouse (if you don't know how to get there, call me when you reach Dhoby Ghaut MRT, my number is 91500421, and I trust that there won't be stalkers here who may spam me. Alternatively, check out, it isn't difficult to find.)
When: This Saturday (1st March), 6 p.m.
How much to bring: Enough for yourself (For those who haven't paid $15 by this Friday, please bring an extra $15, thank you!)

The booking for Fish and Co hasn't been confirmed yet, but Jon said that they can help us reserve if we call back that afternoon by 3p.m. We can most definitely do that, so yay :D Anyway no worries, because Sharon and I will be there early, yay for us! Ahaha.

Also, only 10 people have paid for STJ 2 so far. Thank you Gek LiHui WeiZheng KokWei MaoYang ZiHua ShiXian KaiXiang YipKang and Joshua! (Haha yeah, I haven't paid either. Tsk.) Remember to pay up soon! Thanks. I know that it's kind of asking too much for asking for $15 now, when you already paid $15 last week, and I feel bad about it too, sorry!! ): If you're really running short of money you can pay next week. ONLY IF you're really, really, really broke.

In case some of you have forgotten, and haven't checked EMB/SMB/whatever you call it, some of us have to attend the interview skillzz workshop this Saturday! Yeah that's just a reminder. It ends at 1, so you have ample time to bathe/have lunch/mug before going for STJ. Some of us are meeting up at 4 to walk around randomly, so please feel free to join us (: But there will be no playing of soccer allowed!

(This Saturday also happens to be ShiXian's birthday, and 2 days after Yip Kang's birthday! Let's have the Fish and Co people sing them birthday songs and cheer the Fish and Co cheer HAHAHA I amuse myself.)

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