Monday, February 18, 2008

Hellos 6E! Just a reminder,

STJ 1 is coming!! (Yes, there will be an STJ 2, so please look out for it.)

We are taking 6N out to dinner this Saturday! I know this blog is rather dead and not many people come here, but hopefully those who weren't at the fish tank joining in the birthday celebrations today will be able to see this message. And hopefully dayong managed to get his present and the slice of birthday cake we left for him outside the council room. Haha.

Meeting time: 6 p.m. (Don't be late k! In fact it would be nice if you turn up early :D I don't want to be the first there cos I'm the first to reach school every morning and it gets really lonely sometimes )):: )
Meeting place: City Hall MRT (eating at Billy Bombers at Marina Square, Jon booked the 630-7 slot for 40 to 45 people, al fresco I think?)
How much $$ to bring: Enough for yourself and $15 for a junior. We will be confirming attendance with the junior class soon and we will be collecting $15 from each of you sometime this week. If they spend more they will pay it off themselves :D If any 6N junior happens to stumble upon this blog, PLEASE TAKE NOTE K THANKS :D

Um what else? OH YEAH, just a suggestion for a post-dinner activity, LET'S GO WATCH THE EYE! :D:D Pls comment to give feedback HAHA. Do you guys think it's too late?

p.s. someone post photos of today's celebrations here pls! the blog is getting really boring and wordy (thanks to me) ):

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