Sunday, February 3, 2008

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chem test ON this TUESDAY 5 feb 08. tested :acid bases


this is the msg from emb
1. Dates of assessment: 11/2 (Mon) to 15/2/08 (Fri)
Time: Chemistry practical periods
Venue: Chemistry laboratory
Duration: 1 h 10 min
Skill assessed: D
Topic: Chemical energetics

2. It is suggested that you use a normal scientific calculator
rather than the graphing calculator. Candidates who wish to use the
graphing calculator are required to reset their graphing calculator
memory, and show the Invigilator the “MEM CLEARED” screen before
the commencement of the examination.

3. Writing paper and Generic Mark Scheme for Skill D are provided
during the examination. The generic mark scheme can also be found in
the Skill D lecture notes.

4. Revision work: Skill D lecture notes, D1, D2 and D3

5. Application for exemption
* Candidates who need to apply for exemption (only if you are
representing the school in a competition or other official duties)
should obtain the "SPA Exemption Form" from College Reception,
complete it & submit to your CCA Teacher I/C for signature. Please
speak to your CCA Teacher regarding this matter.
* The form must then be submitted to your Chemistry Teacher.
* IMMEDIATE action needed! Please also note that you MUST inform
your Chemistry Teacher immediately if you need to apply for

6. Absence from school on day of assessment
* Call Chemistry Rep & ask him or her to inform the Chemistry
* Only MC is accepted, NOT parent’s letter.
* Original copy of MC must be submitted to the Chemistry Teacher
immediately on the day the candidate returns to school. Please make
a photocopy for your Civics Tutor.
* Candidates who are absent without MC or prior approval (by
applying for exemption before examination date) will be given zero
mark for this assessment of Skill D.

Please consult your Chemistry Teacher should you require any

have fun studying for chem.
cheers, chem rep josh

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