Thursday, February 28, 2008


if any 6E junior happens to stumble across this, please take note: the seniors will only be paying $15 for your meal, as we have 2 junior classes to treat and believe that you guys are understanding people so you won't expect too much. (: In other words, bring enough $$ (like maybe around $10 to $20 for dinner just in case) to pay for your meal. Yay!

Also, slightly less than half the class hasn't paid me $15 for STJ, so please pay up soon. For those who are going for STJ, you can pay on Saturday. For those who aren't, pay by Friday. Thanks!

[edit] Sorry guys, now the meeting time is 6.30 p.m. because the juniors requested for it to be later. Those who didn't go for the first STJ are strongly encouraged to go for this one! (: Our junior classes seem rather nice and funny (yay!) so if you wanna laugh and have fun and stuff you should go. (: I know I want to! Hahaha. Am I convincing or what?

Suggestions for post-dinner activities are still welcome. Truth or dare can always be used as a backup plan but it may get boring after a while. Watching a movie would be fine too, but I'm not sure how that is going to help in interaction! [/edit]

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