Thursday, January 10, 2008


I haven't blogged here in such a long time!!! I was looking through the archives and laughing when I should be doing other things, tsk.

We are going to join our juniors tomorrow for campfire! Aye it feels weird to have juniors cos actually I still feel like one ehehe. I'm so childish. :D yay!

Anyway, for those who haven't picked their mortal, please approach me to do so. Or I will approach you. So it won't make a difference. Haha! People who haven't picked their mortals include Mao Yang and Kok Wei and others?? Please be nice to our juniors and write at least a few letters to them, don't dao completely. I'M BEGGING YOU AHAHA how pathetic can I get.

Oh yes, and tomorrow do we wanna have dinner before campfire? Okay, actually I think a lot of people are busy/don't want to go (you should feel bad if this is the case)/joining other groups of friends such as CCA-mates for campfire. But anyway, thanks to all those who replied my sms, I really appreciate it! If you wanna have dinner, please text/call me asap and tell me what time you wanna meet to have dinner. Also, tell me if you wanna have dinner with our junior classes (which could be impossible due to the number of people AHHH).

We will be taking our junior classes to supper, right? Looking forward to your replies/comments/smses/phone calls.

Sigh we had so much fun at the bbq at jiayee's house, and at class chalet, and celebrating birthdays at KAP (HAHAHA), why are we so sian now?!?!? I'm sad. ): Anyway, I just realised (when I was reading the archives) that Tingfeng is actually our CAKE I/C. Whom has not been in business since a really long time ago. So what do you guys say to CELEBRATING BIRTHDAYS on a regular basis (i.e. every one month or maybe two)???? YAY.

Sorry for this horrendously long post dudes and dudettes! REMEMBER TO REPLY YEAH! LOVE YOU GUYS LOADS :D:D:D (I think I'm high heeheeeee.)

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