Saturday, January 12, 2008


Was quite fun ahaha!

Okay, so the turnout for dinner sucked. When the 6N juniors were waiting for us the class bench, only Sharon, Li Hui and I were there. Quite sad eh. But we had a nice chat with the junior girls and we think they're quite nice! Ehehe. :D

And during campfire well I'm really really glad that people DID turn up after all, and it made me feel a whole lot better. When I was staring down from the second level of the hall at the start of the concert, realising that maybe, just maybe, less than 5 people would turn up, I felt like crying. (yeah yeah I know, so stupid right.) Cos I felt like a horrible, horrible welfare rep who can't live up to expectations and stuff. I mean, if I'm given a job to do I should do it well right? If not I'd rather not do it. BUT ANYWAY, I'm really happy to say a lot of you turned up and well just for that, I SHALL FORGIVE THOSE WHO DIDN'T GO. Ehehe okay whatever, I'm starting to talk rubbish.

BIN -- OMG you know what!! You're like the greatest friend ever it was mainly cos of you that I didn't feel so bad about myself and stopped tearing HAHAHA. (yeah I know what you're going to say lah. You're going to tell me I suck. HAHAHA. I think if you didn't go for campfire I would be hiding somewhere crying already SO LOSER ahaha.)
SHARON -- !!!!!!!! Sharon!!!!!! Thank you so much for being so supportive as well!! Without you I really don't know what I would have done yesterday ): with regards to before campfire and everything else.
LIHUI -- THANKS!!! I think you're one of the more enthusiastic people in class and that makes my life a whole lot easier. :D:D!
GUYS WHO BOOKED PLACES AT BEAUTY WORLD -- namely Shixian Tingfeng Yipkang Zihua etcetc (kind of in a rush, need to type less)
GUYS WHO JOINED US FOR CAMPFIRE -- THANKS FOR COMING :D and not making me feel like crap.

Okay peeps this is so rant-y and everything, sorry to make you go through that. Haha! Lots of tests coming up this week, JIAYOU OKAY! Mug smart, not hard. :D

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