Thursday, January 31, 2008

CIP outing

eh hi.

does anyone have any suggestions for cip outing? i think there's onli a few of u out there who really need Cip , so i m not sure how many would actually turn out for this activity if i were to organised it...

Anyway, do provide me with some suggestions on the type of activites that u all wan (go old folks home, children home, or maybe changi prison???) and give me a date that is feasible for u all to go. erhhhh.... maybe we can go WEST coast park and pick up the rubbish there as CIP. Then it will become some kinda class outing cum cip (WEST COAST, not east coast. im the boss here).

Oh ya, maybe we can invite the juniors to come with us as well. Eh, so ya, plz leave a comment so that i can organise it ASAP.

THEEE noob CIP rep

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