Sunday, November 18, 2007

chalet blues

hello ppl ((:thrree cheers for chalet. haha. i hope you all are feeing well. unlike me.sick and feeling crappy well.i took a few random snapshots during the chalet. hope to share it with ya. too bad we didnt have a camera. else everyone would have CAMMWHOREED.oh well. heres the pics with some captions

"alex self pleasure "

"jon pigging outt"


dam. screw blogspot seems i have to upload 1 by 1 -.- HAHA.I'LL JUS UPLOAD my fav sunrise pic.

"isnt the sunrise SWEET. u noobs.all slping"
"pool pro #1"
"pool pro #2"
"yipkang shuai"
"maoyang MORE shuai"
"josh and jl combo"

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