Sunday, October 7, 2007

Class chalet

Hey everyone, the time has come for a class chalet!
with the goals to bond the class and to have fun after promos!
well, i've been searching for the past two days, and i kinda chose this chalet
nsrcc chalet. i think most of you all have heard of it b4.
Hope tat the response will be keen for this.
Umm. its a three day two night thingy . and tere are plenty of facilites
swimming pool, bowling alley,pool tables, karoke sets in the room!( jl ,tf,sx,jr (: ) bbq pits, arcades. bicycles for rent. street soccer courts, tennis courts.

well, b4 i can actually book this thingy for the clas. i nidda get ur enthusiastic response. well
the dates that are avaible are from 29oct-1 nov. and 5-6nov.
i'll be gathering resposne nxt wk. but if you happen to read this. jus respond through commenting
any two days from 29 oct-1nov or the slot from 5-6 nov . i'll try to get the best possible dates.
5-6 would be good cos most likely confirmed thatmost of us would have finished op.
but we shall see the response b4 deciding

umm. the cost is about 20-25 bucks. depending on how many ppl go. so do be enthu
lets bond as a class and have one hell of a time at this chalet.

ps: jiayee you're invited too!

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