Sunday, September 23, 2007

HI PEOPLE. Jiayou for promos alright! It's only one day away T_T but freedom is 5 days away only too! :) You guys are such muggers, I'm sure there's no problem :D

I HAD A WEIRD DREAM LAST NIGHT. I dreamt I missed GP and econs exam. And I woke up panicking and I immediately checked the date and time. Haha! And somehow I also dreamt that our class was in a weird war (think unreal tournament) in this school compound. We were all clutching rifles =x And someone got shot by a sniper. And we (the girls) wanted to take cover but joshua and chunmeng went "Just dao la" and the guys started spreading white pieces of paper on the ground and sitting on it to play cards. LOL. Oh, and gek theng came up to me and said something like "Let's go ask Mr Chan this physics question later k"

1. I'm studying too much.
2. We shouldn't play Unreal Tournament (Binbin you can add this into your PW haha!)
3. Gek is a mugger haha!

All the best for tmr guys! :D

sharonn loves s6E. 9:18 AM