Sunday, August 19, 2007

lovely gifts for lovely people (:

Teachers’ Day will be here in just a fortnight! Show your appreciation for your beloved teachers through FLOWERS and CHOCOLATES!

do not hesitate to put your name and orders down! remember, there are privileges that come with pre-ordering your flowers and chocolates: they're cheaper! (prices on the day itself are going to be higher) and you can set your mind at ease having prepared your Teachers’ Day gifts (without having to fear that there’ll be no stocks left!).

flowers sold: roses, sunflowers, gerbera daisies
chocs sold: Beryl's, Jacali, Passion Heart, Passion Gift

promotion package: buy 15 flowers as a class and get 2 boxes of chocs free or buy 15 boxes of chocs and get a bouquet of sunflowers/roses free!

it's really important that we show appreciation for our teachers right, subject reps? :D and well, you could also buy them for your friends!

hurry place your orders now! (do order mooncakes too!)

gek (:

gek loves s6E. 10:42 PM