Wednesday, July 11, 2007

will it be sunset for good, i wonder

i'm gna add my little input to this stale blog again. i'm kinda weary of school life now. it's draining me, sapping away what little energy i have each day. anddd something is bothering me so. ugh, i wish it didn't turn out that way but ayeee it's worsening and there's nothing that can be done. don't bother finding out from me cos i don't even want to talk about it. ahhhhh. but i know it will get better. i hope.

blocks have been a killer and i'm struggling to get just a pass, gosh. life isn't that smooth for me it seems. the pace is picking up while i'm still in stagnant waters. i need time! lotsa of it.

sorry for using this as my personal space but isn't it great to have a new post! i know you all wouldn't mind (: plus i doubt anyone would read my entry anyway.

and not to worry, gek will be a happy little girl :DD i won't be that affected yeah.

with love,
gek (:

gek loves s6E. 8:46 PM