Monday, July 16, 2007


i am v v happy and hyper today! :D guess why.

AHAHA ive been like smiling almost the whole day omg im spastic or something SINCE WHEN HAVE I BEEN SO HAPPY?

ANYWAY! today during swimming lesson we were discussing what/when we should do/go for class outing! :D

(i think) we decided on going to uh east coast park for a picnic! next sunday morning! can you guys make it? (:

oh oh oh we didn't celebrate/haven't celebrated the april/may/june/july babies' birthdays!

April - LiHui, Jianrui, Me!
June - Zihua! (his birthday was during blocks ahaha)
July - David and BINBIN.

SO what do you suggest we do? :D i like smiley faces :D

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