Saturday, July 14, 2007

Athena Fiesa 07

It's happening on your school grounds on the 3rd week of August - Wed 15 to Fri 24, this intra-Athena, inter-class competition! The sports offered are Basketball, Netball (Aeki's favourite), Volleyball, Floorball, Table Tennis, Badminton and Soccer. Each CT is to nominate 3, inclusive of 1 Person-In-Charge, for each sport (minimum of 3 sports selected) the class is interested in.

For Athenians who are less athletically inclined DON'T WORRY! There are games for you to enjoy too. A game of Carrom? How about Bridge? Suggest on the sign-up form!

Register with your CT Rep or Assistant CT Rep who will have the sign-up form for Sweaty Sporty Athena!

Jinhui loves s6E. 11:17 AM