Saturday, April 21, 2007

what a beautiful world

oh dear dear. our blog has been inactive for such a long time! sighh please blog up people or this class blog will become my personal blog. i can crap a lot you know HAHAHA.

anyway just wanna say a very big THANKYOU to my dear 6e friends for those who have been supporting and encouraging me especially the four of YOU! the times of laughing, bitching, chatting, mugging, slacking and not to forget teasing (hmm it better stop huhh) are really fun hahah. though its quite sad that there are only five of us, on a positive note, we are really close! if there were more girls, we'll just end up in cliques (like the other gender) so aint it better this way! BUT though our class is quite cliquey, i think we still rock on the whole and im really glad to be here with all of you (: i mean if you ask ard, other classes may not have such nice ppl like us and ahem the one typing here of course hahaha. so YAYY (:

thanks to our two welfare reps, theres gna be a class lunch on mon! but dont knw whether the four elects can make it cos we gotta go support squash. hopefully we can but even if we cant, i know you guys can sense our presence HAHAHA. okay good luck for phy test! i've been flunking all my tests and i have a feeling this will not be spared too. rahhh. and all the best to the sports and performing arts ppl competing! bring home the gold (with honours)! i know you all will especially those that I go down to cheer for :D hahaa see how much i crapped!

seeya on mon and do comment on my post okay!

love loads (:

gek loves s6E. 7:12 PM