Thursday, April 5, 2007


A big sorry to the seniors for postponing JTS for so long. JTS is now more or less fixed on 14th April, tentatively at Vivo. There's a lot of nice restaurants there at vivo and we can check them out.

The reason why it isn't on 7th April is because there is council camp for the new councilors as well as 小黄城 for Chinese Society people. There's H1 chinese test on 14th April but it should be okay since JTS is in the evening.

If all's good, JTS details should be as follow:
Location: Vivocity
Meeting Time: 6.30PM, 14th April
Meeting Place: HarbourFront MRT Station, outside the control room or around that area.

Please note that we will be paying for the whole meal. The seniors do not have to top up the rest.

Maybe we shouldn't go home after the JTS. We can stay behind and get to know people from each other classes better. We may be able to recognize each other in school but we don't really know each other well. It will be good if we can take the time for some interaction between us and the senior class.

Shi Xian loves s6E. 7:58 PM