Friday, March 9, 2007


hello dear 6e (:

heres a reminder regarding MATH class test [first tut class of Term 2]:

all tutorials in Term 1 from tutorial 1 to P&C
50 min
Bring GC and calculator.

ohwell, i might as well list the other tests too.

PHYSICS lecture test 1 [first tut class] - all topics

CHEMISTRY class test 2 [T2W1 fri tentatively] - atomic structure, period trends, gas laws
(im not sure abt the lecture test for chem)

MATH lecture test 1 [16 Apr] - tutorial 1 to 3 (graphing techniques) tentatively

please correct me if im wrong ya. hmm this hols is gna be a busy one but we will survive wont we? jiayou ppl! lets hope we wont screw things up.

farewell jiayee..its really sad you've gotta leave us but i believe you will thrive well in your new class and trust that you'll never forget us (: we wish you all the best!

lots of love <3

gek loves s6E. 8:45 PM