Saturday, March 31, 2007

hey 6E!

our seniors are really really pissed at us for postponing JTS again. And the council nominees are being blamed, wth.

Yesterday when I asked who was going for JTS, only 2 people gave me a definite 'YES'. Okay I'm not very happy about that. I myself am sorry for being unable to go, because it's my cousin's 21st birthday tmr. But believe me, if I could go, I would. And I hope that all of you think the same way.

Please go for JTS next Saturday unless you have something important on. By 'important' I don't mean "Oh I have to take care of my pet dog on Saturdays". -__- And please don't give excuses like "I want to save money so I shan't go". Did you hear the seniors giving such excuses for STJ? NO. So let's please be nice to them alright?

Venue: Sakura Orchard
Time: Meet at 6.30pm
Date: Next Saturday 7th April

Please text or IM me asap, whether you can make it or not. Give me an answer by this Wednesday, because we need to book the place (I think). If you don't, I'll assume that you're going. FYI, we're paying $20 for our seniors, they'll top up the rest themselves.

henghui loves s6E. 11:42 AM