Friday, March 16, 2007


ok.i know this is abit belated but better late than never right.

i just saw my posting results, i got posted to 7C, so i probably will see you guys during math lecture?SO please don't kill me for leaving... BIN i not ready to die yet.haha.

these two and a half months in 6e was really pretty nice, although it was a shock at first about the pathetic girl to boy ratio, but i think it got better towards the end. (:

we sure had our fun times together, the class bbq, stj and bitching about hc in general.

to the girls:
MY LOVELY SHARON- from sec one we have been in the same class, best of friends somemore, although it was like AIYA see your face again in jc (: but what i didn't tell you was i was happy to see your face again. Thanks for sticking with me through thick and thin since sec 1, and although we are not in the same class anymore *surprise surprise* i hope we will never never ever lost contact ok(: love you loads.

Lihui- my fellow huang cheng and nanyanger, although i didn't know you from before i really enjoyed these three months with you. (: you're damn dedicated and i applaud you for that. huang cheng's over now so GET SOME SLEEP!

Henghui- my fellow nanyanger too, jiayou for council! it was fun being in the same class as you.

Geeky Gekky- you bloody genius! study hard and top the whole level okay! go get presidents' scholarship haha. i know you can do it. sorry about the major teasing dished out to you (but it was really damn fun teasing you(: so pardon me...haha) good luck for council too

last but not least
BINN2- my og mate, huang chenger, classmate, and charmaine friend. from the start of hc life nearly everything we did was together right! it was fun listening to jokes during og outings, sewing and watching hanakimi together during huang cheng and copying gekky's math tutorials during class haha. and the sunflower haha! i am sure we will still see alot of each other, considering how fate like to put us together haha.

to the guys:
honestly i haven't got anything much say to you guys because we aren't that close and i just realised that i haven't even spoke to some of you guys before except for the "hey, take your chem tutorial" so i hope for the best for you guys in your future endeavours.
oh and jon-HANA YORI DANGO!
and chunmeng and jialiang-please continue sending me nice music (the last tank song was really not bad(: )
ohoh joshua-sorry ah, now i can't participate in the sports thingy any more, in ares now. AHH I WANT TO STAY IN ATHENAAA

although i am technically not in 6E anymore (i escaped physics, a clown, a joker, and well not the mother hen) i will still be with you guys mentally okay! so don't forget to ask me to come along for jts etc...

jiayee loves s6E. 1:43 PM