Sunday, February 4, 2007


first blog sia. oO

woots, nice BBQ today, and we must credit the leet host we had!

ah wells, this is just a totally random post. about a certain crazy shi xian, cos he cant type/think properly and wants me to do it for him. but it looks nicer from a third person perspective anyway. so, anyway, SX basically got crazy for no partiular reason. so when we left jia yee's house, he was walking zig zag...and laughing maniacally the whole way.

when we were on the mrt, he totally went berserk. took out his handphone and starting trying to photograph all of us. and he kept talking and laughing and singing in such a loud voice. then i looked across him at an auntie sitting beside him, and she was like, meng staring and shixian like --> O.O
oh yeah, then when some boy walked past us, he just randomly called out to him and waved at him.

ah wells, end of post, everyone get high ftw! once again, ty to jia yee and family for hosting us!

_tf loves s6E. 11:41 PM