Friday, February 16, 2007

Ur understanding needed. dun get worked up =)

Hey everyone,
guess u all know wat happened todae , which was unfortunate to me. Well, i mus say we were int he wrong. and i apologise for ani unhappiness that was caused because i brought up this idea as i thought it would bring us more earnings then simply playing the m&ms game.

aniway. once again i apologise, as it is indirectly my fault. aiya . i dun mind doing cs or watever la. thx for those who are willing to do cs with me. even if they r nt invovled. i am touched by ur

aiya. anyway. it isnt really a big deal. so we'll forget it soon. yeh?

but i still think hairsprays is a really gd and fun idea.
jus tat we (oops) forgot to get approval.

Sorry and thanks for ur understanding.


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