Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Hey guys,

Happy Valentine's day, what's left of it. Thank you girls for giving the guys valentine's day munchies, even though we didnt reciprocate. OH well. Anyway cross country SUCKED because I (We) ended up walking from start to finish to be received by a huge crowd of staring ppl. Ahahah what a waste of time.

OH MAN we're so screwed we have to make preparations for our stall but our idea's still tentative and ambiguous so we're so dead because we don't know what to do let alone what to buy for our stall so pls lets discuss this tmr quickly or efficiently or lets just discuss it over msn tonight what do you think i'm typing without punctuations or breaks and i feel that i could just go on and on and on but I gotta study for my tests like everyone else so i guess im stopping here now good luck for yer chem and math tests tomorrow hahahahah GG.

MuMuX loves s6E. 9:22 PM