Sunday, February 25, 2007

The songs that I listened and dance to when I was at your age

Dear 07S6E,

I tried posting once but somehow, it did not come out. I have saved it as a draft here in case zihua can do something about that.

Maybe that is a blessing in disguise since that post might be too cheem lar hehe. So here is something lighter. Here is a Performance Video (PV) of a song that I enjoyed and listened to when I was at your age. There is at least one of you, Aeki, I believed, who listened to 80s and 90s songs so I thought some of you might enjoy these songs.

This song is the really classic dance song of the early 90s. This group, the KLF, has long disbanded but the following song is the one that really defined the group as master of house music. Notice the "obiang" looking mobile phone, the big brother phone that defines that era hehe.

Now, if you guys want to know more about the dance songs that your teachers enjoy while they were at your age, feel free to ask. I am always telling my non teacher friends how amazed I am when the mass dance that you guys are dancing, still used the same songs from the 80s such as "Together in Electric Dreams" and "I got my mind set on you".

There must be something beautiful during those times er? I am guessing one big reason is that life in Singapore, without the Internet and all, was so simple then.

Mr Tan

Kelvin Tan loves s6E. 12:06 PM