Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lord of the Shrooms

An me Lord of the Shrooms: Fellowship of the Smurfs

“Great cinetography” The Joshua Times
“How do they make the characters so small? Stunning visual effects!” Alex Daily


Lord of the Shrooms is an epic story about a smurf called Hubbit, who braves all odds to accomplish a task deemed impossible by many. The SHORT story is set in the backdrop of “The Smurfire”, a merry land where smurfs frolick and enjoy peace and serenity, but their happiness was SHORT-lived.

A fateful day witnessed the arrival of the blue wizard, SmurfDalf at the Smurfire. A messenger of saddening news, he heralded the coming of a darkage – an age which would leave no smurf alive. SmurfDalf bore a huge burden – He was tasked with the duty of having to destroy the “Shroom”, a legendary artefact imbued with gigantic strength. When wielded, the Shroom grants the bearer amazing powers, magnifying him by 100000000000000000000000000000x his normal size; a power strongly desired by the vertically challenged smurfs.

Due to the immense power the Shroom promised, the weapon was dangerous and had to be destroyed. SmurfDalf searched high for a willing shroom bearer who was willing to accept this tremendous undertaking but to no avail. Upon searching low however, he stumbled upon a smurf called Hubbit, who was small but possessed enormous courage. Embarking on a harrowing journey filled with temptations, Hubbit set off to overcome a series of obstacles which would put his endurance and determination to the ultimate test.

This show challenges the fine line separating the physical from the metaphysical i.e how a small person could wield such tremendous courage and bravery. An undercurrent of emotional turmoil persists throughout the plot as we see the main character Hubbit cope with intense emotional struggles. Overall, this show is a must see.

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