Saturday, February 10, 2007

it's OVER!

well im feeling quite emo now thanks to josh. anyway arent you guys happy u're gna see me for another two years? hahaha. just wna say THANKYOU to all those who wished bin and i luck! it was really encouraging and comforting to knw that the class will actually miss our presence (: and congrats bin! 8a1s woohoo! for those who didnt do that well or as well as expected for higher chi, dont get too down becos u have tried your best and its not a big deal after all. cheerup alright?

for ip ppl, i guess it'll be hard for u to imagine the excitement and anxiety we experience when collecting os results. the atmosphere was really tense before the release of the results. as we received them, basically almost everyone cried whether they did well or not. i still find it quite hard to believe this whole olevel thing has FINALLY reached a closure. the two years of hard work has been paid off at last. right binbin? though the results could have been better, i suppose most of us are contented with it (:

to dramafeste ppl, i knw lots of effort was invested with ppl staying till ten plus everynight. its okay athena didnt win as long as the spirit is there! i heard the crew was super high so yupp jus think on the bright side. we might win for cny so learn the fac dance (esp the dance ic)!

and yes i certainly agree with sharon and bin! dont change combi please or everything would be different. very different indeed.

okay jiayou 6e! love truckloadds (:

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