Friday, February 9, 2007


Okay this is a little late, but yup gek and binbin: we're all crossing our fingers for you guys! Although there's not much to worry about for you guys right!

Anyway. Today before huang cheng I was doing that chemistry worksheet thingy. And then my mind wandered to our class (randomly).


After JAE a lot of people are most probably going to transfer to other classes and change subject combinations. Which is kind of sad. I guess I've gotten used to seeing the same bunch of people everyday, witnessing the same trademark behaviours. Memorable events like CIP cycling, total defence auditions, class item for campfire, or even normal everyday things like going for lectures and tutorials together and laughing at each other's crappy jokes. It's pretty scary to realize that hey, all this is going to change soon. If we don't treasure the days we have left together as a class, there will be no chance for us to, ever again. Even if only a few people leave, it won't be the same. Cos every single person counts when it comes to 07S6E, right!

Alright. I'm having a sudden mental block. Nothing else to say! Must be due to lack of sleep. See you all around later, AND EVERYONE PLEASE GO WATCH HUANG CHENG. $12/14/16 IN EXCHANGE FOR 168 PEOPLE'S TIME AND EFFORT. DEFINITELY WORTH IT :D plus, we could do with the support (:

<3! Sharon.

sharonn loves s6E. 12:03 AM