Sunday, February 11, 2007

Class blog template!

Hey guys, I seriously think we need a better template! Throw in some ideas? Say, some competition for aesthetics will include 07S63, 07S6A, 07S6B, 07S6E, 07S6J, 07S6K, 07S72, 07S75, 07S77, 07S7B, 07S7C, 07S7D, 07A10, 07A11

To a lesser extent, these classes are also our competition in terms of asthetics: 07S68, 07S6D, 07S6G, 07S6H, 07S76, 07S7E, 07A12

(The rest of the classes mostly use skin from Blogskin, not some personalised skin or whatsoever, so I don't really count them as competition. =P. Sorry.)

Throw in some ideas to beat some of those mentioned blogs xD. We have a few pretty decent designers like jiayee and me and probably another few hidden talents yet to show their proness. We should have no problem getting one very good skin out. =D

Shi Xian loves s6E. 12:57 PM