Tuesday, February 6, 2007

class bbq


aiya i noe this is rather late liaoz lar... but i sian so i shall juz write smth abt the bbq..

ok lar... the bbq was quite fun... haha had a great shock when the aluminium tray suddenly melted... thx joshua for bringing his pit..

but most imptly, we must thank the host, jia yee, n her fAmily.... thx for the nice food and hospitality...

ppl, next time when we hav another bbq, pls remind me to go down earlier to start the fire...if not u all stand there n complain then i also very sian man...
n hor, try not to bring so much alt. fuel...

haha. i noe this is quite lame lar... but i am juz trying to contribute another entry... haha

wongky loves s6E. 6:29 PM