Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chronology of a CK supermodel

Needless to say, we often find ourselves musing over the question of WHO JOSHUA IS. who exactly is joshua lau tse siong? Is he the cute, meek and gentle person people of 07s6e are familiar with? I'm afraid not. The Joshua I KNOW is strong, muscular, goodlooking, fashionable and well-toned. A student by day and a model by night, Joshua is a social chameleon who conceals his intensely hot body and identity when amongst his schoolmates. At night however, he discards his goodie image to unveil the good-looking dude underneath that student facade. Known as JOSHUAI in the fashion world, he performs his nightly runway walks with unparalleled style and suave, brandishing his well-toned pecs and wash-board abs.

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you JOSHUA(I), chronology of a calvin klein supermodel!

Past: Joshua's cool, model qualities have emanated since young. At the tender age of 5, Joshua exhibited a rare liking for fashion, as illustrated by the photo above. To the untrained eye, he may look like another UNCOOL kid, but there are certain distinguishable traits one can observe.
1. a calvin klein shirt - Joshua admired the calvin klein supermodels and their suave poses
2. ankle socks - A true trendsetter in the making, Joshua could have actually pioneered the ankle socks trend!
3. Girls - That long set of hair in the photo actually belonged to a female acquaitance of his."Once a player, always a player"

Present: Joshua has now evolved into a muscular young man with perfectly toned abs and huge muscles. He is currently studying in Hwachong while strutting his stuff on the runway as a calvin klein model as his parttime job.

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