Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Alex-life story - maturation

The alex we know was a heart-throb, he loves and was loved.
Woooo. I was a councillor. Teachers adore me? Ain't I cute?

While we may know her as a hot girl/ gay magnet, what do we actually know about him?
jus a week ago, alex shared with me his life story:
OEI. MY STORY....SHHHH *pee in his pants*

alex was a small kid who was growing up like normal. TO him, Every new day would be a new experience, giving him STRENGTH and determination to strive on and achieve new heights and reach new peaks. Mental and physical strength dealt within him, waiting to be unleashed.

one day, alex was watching tv and switched to ASEAN games 1995. He was very amazed at the muscular body physiques that the bodybuilders had and decided to strive towards this goal. to become a world class bodybuilder.

this was his dream:

but to our disappointment. alex has yet to achieve his full potential.
lets present him with a voucher for $2000 GNC VOUCHER FOR PROTEIN POWDER.
Ps: alex u can print this voucher ( remember NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.)

After this episode, alex was still working HARD on his hot bod

he evolved From this mini frame:

alex has continued growing to become bigger and stronger, to ultimately reach his goal of being the world's best bodybuilder.
One day, alex fell sick, with a disease called anorexia. This disease was very detrimental to his health, and caused alex to become like a stick, and therefore , he derived the nickname " anoralex" and "stickman"

for now, he gets past his days by performing cool contortonist tricks like squeezing through squash rackets and he really thinks that he is a stick.

I can do more than that. I can make music from a glass wine!
Well, alex has a slogan that goes liddat:
Every good thing comes with a smile that triumphs all:

ahh . isnt this something that warms the heart.

AWwwww.....isn't alex cute?!

thus we will be looking forward to alex's new hot bod . well defined pecs, puslating biceps and wings so big that he can fly..
See Ya....*Wave*

anoralex no more. =)

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