Friday, February 9, 2007

9th fEB

Hey guys, i'm posting this after i received my o level results, got 8a1s but i didnt get 6 pts(gasp!), i'm not so happy with it but i think i should be able to stay... haha cause i didnt do so badly after all...hopefully. erm, ya not gng to post my results on the blog, so if u want to noe more, just ask me k. To all the people who wished me good luck, thanks alot! U guys really gave me confidence. Oh and the monkey face is just some random and cute picture. It's so cute la, like some old person with really little hair. Haha. Oh yea, and to all those people who are changing combinations a.k.a Lim Jia Yee , please dnt. cause i think our class is really erm, cool? haha i dnt sound convincing but ya, try not to!
I'm ending my post here cause i'm gng off to steal some new year goodies from my kitchen, muahahaha.
p.s.congrats to gekky cause she got 6 pts:) yay. she rocks:)

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