Friday, January 26, 2007

OUR class

hello 6e (:

hmm i think our class is getting closer so cheers to that! didnt have high hopes initially but reality has proven otherwise ((: though i belong to the minority gender, im glad the guys are not that bad and at the very least not chauvinistic. i love my five sweethearts in class! you girls really bring a smile on me and i thank you for that :D

i feel so happy each day cos people in 6e never fail to make me laugh. chunmeng's cheerful face and high level of intelligence (he thinks so too), josh and alex flirting together and wiping audi's floor with their uniforms, david's "6e ooi", jinhui's "yes, what can i do for you" and "6e ke bah bah", kangyan's armyofficer-look with that "ehhhh, please pay up" etc are enough to keep me laughing my day through. and not to forget the ten thousand lame jokes they have. it's such a joy to be in such a class (:

i think our class spirit is building up but there's still lots of room for improvement. we've showed that for campfire class item and class flag and now we really have to jiayou for total defence item and this blog thing so keep your posts coming in. even though we didnt win that time and even if we do not win this time round, as long as everyone chips in some effort, i believe we'll all be victors at the end of the day.

alright thats all for now. im so looking forward to mon's lunch! love 6e loadds (:

gek loves s6E. 8:57 PM