Sunday, January 28, 2007

class chalet / class bbq

hello everyone
wanna hear ur opinions on us having a class bbq and class chalet in march

anione willing to open up their house for class bbq? we shld have more outings to bond the class

and i thought of having a march chalet

i searched some places - uber cheap prices if mr kelvin tan helps us book
25 bucks a night? pls reply on comments. so i cna see the response

enthu kia about FUN

ok to give more updates on the chalet.
i haven talked to mr tan.ya.
but anyway the seniors r interested is it?
well there are two side by side chalets whihc we can get. 25 bucks per nite if we get a civil servant aka our ct teacher to book. i think its available from 10-13th march. something liddat
uh u can take 2 direct from dunno where la. stops at changi village
den walk abit lor.

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